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Can Fast Food Be Healthy?

Fast food has undoubtedly become the subject of much debate recently and is typically thought of as being unhealthy, causing weight gain. This may be true if consuming burgers and fries every day, but there are certainly healthier options available. Even the big franchise chains now offer salads and lighter meals. Remember, most menu options can be customized and made healthier.

Be Aware of the Extras

Even though having a salad is now an option at a fast-food restaurant, there are hidden dangers within this healthy meal. Typically, customers will be offered a range of dressings, some of which may pile on the calories such as full-fat mayonnaise. And don't be tempted to "go large," even if it's a great deal.

The Calorie-Laden Drinks

Many of the fast-food restaurants offer meal deals, which include a drink. Typically, this will be full of sugar and, therefore, high in calories. A standard size soda can contain as much as 300 calories. As for the shakes or ice-cream based drinks, adding one of these can double the number of calories in the meal.

For a healthy lifestyle, diners should order grilled meats, skip the buns, and avoid high-fat salad dressings. Opt for chicken or tuna, served in a wrap, and water, coffee, or tea to drink. Add some fresh fruit to help meet the five a day requirement. Fast food can be healthy when the right choices are made.

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